WELLth Success Stories


As a mentor, podcaster, leader, and power broker, Dianne helps health enthusiasts and practitioners improve their businesses and lives.

Dianne’s superpower is the ability to equip people to live in abundance through WELLth (health and wealth) and expansion.

Below are incredible examples of how Dianne’s mentorship has led to major breakthroughs in our WELLth community.

Story #1

Natalie Morse, RPh, CFMP

Pharmacist turned Functional Medicine Practitioner

Natalie’s story is inspiring and full of breakthroughs. In her career and in her family life.

After her split in 2018, Natalie and her two sons found themselves starting over and on air mattresses.  Natalie was constantly stressed about her and her young children’s future.

As a pharmacist and a single mom, she was already stretched thin from working long shifts.

Thankfully, Natalie was open to the timing of her life and the opportunities that unfolded before her. With Dianne’s mentorship, Natalie’s life today is a far cry from the air mattress days.

💪🏼Became a full-time Functional Medicine Practitioner

💪🏼Works from home

💪🏼Scaled her business with Ganoderma/reishi mushroom coffee and tea sales

💪🏼Created multiple passive income streams

Natalie went from an overworked single mom to  launching her healthy weight loss program, Metabolic Reset Now.

Story #2

Karen Theimer, RMT

RMT and Mindset Coach

Karen’s story is one of self realization and empowering other women. She is living proof that women are succeeding after 50.

After her divorce, Karen was looking for a way to accelerate abundance in her life. She wanted an opportunity that brought on more financial independence while improving her current practice as a massage therapist. Karen was determined to prove that age and her marital status would not be factors in achieving her life goals.

Dianne’s mentorship set the stage for Karen to help other women over 50 achieve the life they want.

💪🏼Launched Fifty & Free to help other women level-up their health

💪🏼Generated a passive income stream

💪🏼Advanced the wellbeing of her massage clients by helping them add reishi to their health habits

Karen recently launched Fifty & Free, an umbrella company offering alternative & holistic health services such as massage therapy and mindset coaching programs.

From overworked single mom to helping thousands of health champions scale their business. Curious about Dianne’s health and WELLth journey? 

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