Getting Started: 7-Day Health Hack

Congrats on taking the first step in levelling up your mental and physical game! 🍄☕️

Follow the steps below to start upgrading your coffee.

It’s the easiest health move you’ll take for yourself for better energy levels, mental clarity, skin, and more. 

1. Purchase a box of Gourmet Organic King of Coffee

If you’re like most of us who love to drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day, one-box is more than enough to last you a week. AND to start seeing the effects of Ganoderma/reishi. 

*Wholesale prices are available. Want to learn more? 
*Wholesale prices are available. Want to learn more? 

2. Send Dianne a message

after ordering to get support throughout your first 7 days drinking King. 

3. Add Dianne on Facebook

Add Dianne Solano as a friend on Facebook so she can add you to the Miracle of Organo community. This is where we connect with others around the world who have made their coffee upgrade.

Share your progress and the changes you’ve been experiencing so far! All questions are welcome.

Make sure that you’ve completed step 2 so Dianne can anticipate your Facebook friend invite!


There are over 3,000 published articles on the healing powers of Ganoderma!

Some documented benefits:
  • Can modulate the immune system
  • Helps soothe adrenals
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Helps calm and support anxiety and depression
  • Helps increase GABA
  • Helps improve sleep and adrenal fatigue, and balances cortisol
  • Helps balance blood sugar and hormones
  • Helps with gut health
  • Helps regulate pH in the body
  • Helps eradicate viruses, bacteria, Candida and parasites
  • Can help prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s
  • Helps protect from radiation and EMFs

The Ganoderma lucidum mushroom has a long and prestigious history — and has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, making it one of the oldest mushrooms known to have been used medicinally. The spectacular mushrooms, with a shiny orange cap and long brown stem, grow naturally in the heavily forested mountains of China.

It has been recognized as a medicinal mushroom and used for 2000+ years to support a healthy immune system.

Ganoderma is an adaptogen, which means it works to help the body “adapt” to stressors and restore balance.

You’ll also see that we use Ganoderma and Reishi interchangeable. Reishi is the Japanese name for Ganoderma. 

Our talented food technologists transform the woody caps and stems into a fine, flavorless powder. Which means your cup of OG coffee has ALL of the benefits of this amazing mushroom, but NONE of the taste! Just gourmet deliciousness without the acidity and the yucky effects of your old coffee.

 There are 6 reasons why Organo coffee come in a sachet:
1. For precise dosing of spores in each cup.
2. To protect every serving  from oxidation and moisture.
3. To maintain consistent taste and a longer shelf life.
4. For your convenience!
5. To make is easy to  share and sample with friends and family.
6. Coffee filters would remove spores from the coffee.

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