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Corporate Wellness Coaching by Orthomolecular Nutritionist, Dianne Solano

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Fire up your team with better health and a winning mindset

What makes high-achieving teams excel?

The well-being and the growth mindset of your team fuels the success of your organization.

About Dianne Solano


Dianne brings her knowledge and 20+ years of experience working alongside top natural health experts and Fortune Global 500 companies to increase your team’s energy at work and at home.

By leveraging her experience as part of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s team of specialists, Dianne’s coaching produced life-changing results for teams across various industries, including Bell, CIBC, and Air Canada.

Unlock your team's full potential

Dianne Solano uses her expertise in functional health, nutrition and metaphysics to empower your team through physical and mental routines.

Dianne’s clinical nutrition insights have been featured in Colette Baron-Reid’s book “Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much” creating positive impacts on the lives of her clients and readers.

Scientific approach to performance

With Dianne’s coaching, your team will learn the skills required to bring abundance to their lives, including:

✅ Habits to optimize energy and mental focus

✅ Techniques to manage stress and anxiety

✅ Ways to enhance brain biochemistry

✅ Methods to maximize productivity

✅ Growth mindset activation

✅ How to apply clinical nutrition to improve performance

Equip your team to be at their peak

Increasing the well-being of the members of your team can directly translate to exponential growth.

Connect with Dianne, and let’s talk about how we can bring abundance to your organization.

Let’s empower your workplace.

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