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How great would it be if we could sit down with a cup of coffee and I could find out more about you?

If we could, I’d start by telling you a bit about myself.

I’d share with you how my passion for nature was birthed shortly after my father passed away from his first conventional treatment of cancer. I was rattled knowing in my gut there were more answers that I simply did not know existed.

I would also share that I am a recovered sugarholic and I too struggled with health issues. A major hormonal imbalance called PCOS that left me with bad skin, hair and weight challenges. The medical conventional medical model couldn’t address the ROOT CAUSE to my “diagnosis” and that’s when my journey and love with nature began. The results came pouring in…

Fast forward 20 years after the traumatic end to my relationship and the abrupt start of my life as a single mother set fire to my spirit… and how that crisis motivated me to become a leader who is passionate about helping other health-conscious women like you, who also want something greater—a life outside yourself.

I would tell you about my fondness for radical honesty and energetic awareness. And I’d be sure to share what I’ve learned through my own experiences— that you can become the highest version of yourself by pursuing a life of freedom based on health, wealth, and abundance.

But most importantly, I would want to hear about you, your story, your limits and your fears…and I would want you to know that the fire within you is ready to ignite!

Looking Back

Over 20 years of hard work, health setbacks, and breakthroughs


Dad was diagnosed with cancer.

Stopped university vet program after a summer of volunteering.

Became dad’s primary caretaker.

Realized his docs didn’t have answers to my root cause questions.


Dad passed away from complications of 1st chemo.

Got off birth control pills that were prescribed since I was 16 to regulate my hormones.

Health took a nosedive: hair loss, weight loss, acne, irregular periods

Saw the best gynecologist in South America.

Diagnosed PCOS, prescribed birth control indefinitely, advised that I couldn’t have kids.

Back on birth control

Put on a 1 year waiting list to see top gynecologist Dr. Expert #2 for 2nd opinion.


Dr. Expert #2 diagnosed PCOS and prescribed birth control for the rest of my life.

I didn’t end my search for answers. I opened my doors to the natural healing world.


Met my first mentor, an orthomolecular nutritionist.

Journey back to health begins. All my root cause questions were finding answers.

Conquered PCOS by healing my sugar addiction.

For the first time, I had perfect hormone cycles. It showed in my glowing skin and energy.

Excited,  I enrolled at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.


Started Senargy Corp to get discounted supplements.

Found massive success in corporate wellness programs.

Purchased a new home. Financial strain and renovations. Worked at 2 clinics. Started a weekend night shift job. Started bodybuilding. Suffered major burnout; adrenal fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

Slow recovery from adrenal fatigue.

Sleeping sitting down and seeking recovery.


Pregnant with Dylan.

Realized I was in the wrong relationship, but stayed to make it work.


Dylan was born.

Stressed by my relationship; kept my voice quiet to keep harmony.


Launched Senargy flagship weight loss program called Go for 40!

Helped 50 clients achieve a clean and more energetic lifestyle in year 1 of program.

Early 2014

Discovered the betrayal of 4 years that my spirit always knew to be true.

Devastated and worried about my financial future.

Laid awake every night praying for answers and an exit strategy.

August 2014

Met the mentor that changed my life, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Became a student of quantum physics and the Law of Attraction.

Began meditating and practicing metacognition, became accountable of my vibrations.

September 2014

Introduced to Organo by Dr. Bob Rakowski.

Found that Time, Health, Location, Financial and EMOTIONAL Freedom are achievable.


Awarded a Mercedes Benz from Organo for reaching leadership growth milestone.


Dream Caribbean cruise with my global team of  health leaders.



Dream trip to Mexico with my global team of  health leaders.


Hit $5M in global sales through Organo.

Reached 2500 health leaders and practitioners scale their business and break through limiting beliefs.

Dream Caribbean cruise with my global team of  health leaders.


May 2019

Dream trip to Bali with my global team of health leaders.

Reached the top rank in Organo (Diamond status).

Grew my Organo team to 4 continents.

Launched Empowered Through Health podcast.


Helped 5000 health leaders and practitioners and counting.

Launched new website + WELLth Guide.

Hired a team!

Reached $7M in global sales and growing!

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